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Are your digital service made accessible to as many users as possible?

Many might not think about it, but a tailored and accessible solution for someone with a permanent disability also improves usability for a person with a temporary or situational impairment. It simply benefits everyone. With approximately 20% of the European population, for instance, experiencing hearing and vision difficulties, cognitive challenges, and motor impairments, it is crucial to prioritize adapting your digital product to include everyone. That's where we come in. Guiding you toward a digital solution that includes everyone is kind of our thing, actually.

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Micke, Jenny, and Jessica on the Importance of Accessibility

By designing for those with the greatest difficulties, we also provide a better experience for those with fewer or no difficulties. It's a win-win situation for everyone, plain and simple.

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    3:25 min interview.Play video of Micke on Youtube

    Meet Mikael Holmqvist Hallberg, who works as a developer and uses a screen reader as an assistive tool.

    Micke has been blind since birth, and we need to develop websites to ensure they work seamlessly with assistive devices like screen readers.

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    Meet Jenny, who, like most people, finds many websites cluttered and difficult to understand.

    For Jenny, this issue is particularly challenging and can often lead to frustration or even giving up entirely. Jenny has various diagnoses, primarily struggling with memory difficulties, maintaining focus, and avoiding distractions. It's something we all experience at times in different situations.

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    Meet Jessica, who uses alternative methods to navigate the web.

    Jessica has a muscle disease, which means she has reduced mobility in her muscles. Instead of traditional input methods, she uses a blowing tool to navigate websites. In this film, we learn about how Jessica uses digital technology. We get to understand the challenges she faces, the solutions she employs, and her message to those of us who create digital content.

Increased accessibility also benefits your business


Increase of reach

Why limit your audience? By working on accessibility, you not only enable more people to use your service, but you also improve the user experience for everyone, and as a bonus, you increase your searchability, visibility, and traffic.


Increase of trust

Commitment to inclusion not only influences how your brand is perceived but also positions the company as a credible and responsible partner in an increasingly competitive and socially conscious business landscape.


Better conversions

Through accessibility adjustments, you can remove barriers that might otherwise prevent people from completing transactions. Whether it's through a simplified checkout process or offering more payment methods, accessibility efforts can help more individuals move from curiosity to conversion.

New law from 2025


On June 28, 2025, a new accessibility law comes into effect. The law is based on The European Accessibility Act (EAA) and requires companies to ensure that websites, products, and services are usable by everyone. Non-compliance may result in fines and the removal of products from the market.

Our offer

Are you concerned about this new law and how it will impact your business? We can help! Book a free consultation meeting and find out how you can future-proof your company.


Our cross-functional team evaluates your digital service based on WCAG criteria and EN 301 549 standards through both manual and automated tests. The outcome is a report with specific improvement measures.

Support and documentation

We assist you in creating a backlog and prioritizing improvement measures. We also provide support with documentation and the development of an accessibility statement required by law.

On-site expert assistance

Our consultants work on both operational and strategic aspects of accessibility. If you lack expertise internally, we can provide support with testing, development, design, training, documentation, workshops, and meetings. The support is tailored to your needs.

Get a free introduction and consultant on how to approach your digital service and the European Accessibility Act (EAA)

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We are members of IAAP and continuously work on certifications for our consultants.

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Niklas Andervang

Developer and accessibility expert / evangelist +46 70-244 13 23

Worked with: Skandia, SJ, Forex, Riksbanken, Mars inc, Procter & Gamble, Axfood, Täby kommun, Adlibris, Ecster Banking, Skl, SSM, GIH, Recorded Future, Astra Zeneca, Mycronic, Securitas, STF Sweden

Anna Benettsson

Product designer & Accessibility specialist +46 70-310 14 24

Worked with: Tekniska Verken, Peab Bostad, Funmed, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Hansen Advokatbyrå, Urban Deli, H&M Home, Coop, Sveriges Radio, UNICEF, Karlskrona kommun, Boozt, Stadium, Lextington

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