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Rune Andréasson's beloved superhero Bamse has been a children's favorite for decades. Since 2013, we have partnered with Nordisk Film to bring Bamse from storybooks and magazines to the big screen.

What we did

Brand guidelines, visuals, motion graphics, film production, social media, campaigns, advertising and print



Bringing Bamse to the cinema

With Bamse and the City of Thieves as the first movie, we helped Nordisk FIlm with idea generation and visual conceptualization. The movie turned out to be a success, and we have since worked with Bamse and the Witch's Daughter (2016), Bamse and the Thunder Bell (2018), Bamse and the Volcano Island (2021) and Bamse and the World's Smallest Adventure (2023).

Cutting through the noise with creative advertising

By working with outdoor signs in new ways, we used this powerful advertising channel to reach and engage the audience in physical public spaces.

The world's smallest Eurosize

In Bamse and the World's Smallest Adventure, Bamse's friends need a magnifying glass to find Bamse and Nalle-Maja. Like in the movie, an aid was required to see our tiny poster, creating an interactive connection between the movie adventure and our world.

“The world's smallest Eurosize has been developed in a fun and innovative way to interact with the target audience. Ingenious and stylish.”

– Cecilia Claesson, Sales Director at JCDecaux

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