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Biopasset is the fastest-growing cinema club in Sweden, and we at Frank Fam have been involved from the beginning. Leveraging our vast experience in entertainment marketing, we've crafted a narrative of success, making Biopasset a success story.




Brand guideline, Brand Strategy, Brand visuals, Tonality, Webdesign, Web Development, Campaign work, Film production, OOH/DOOH, Radio, Motion graphics, Social Media, Online production, Print




Biopasset transforms the cinema experience into a way of socializing – frequently

At Frank Fam, we have developed a communication strategy for Biopasset where the cinema visit serves as a catalyst for regular gatherings among family, friends, and acquaintances. Our work encompasses everything from communication strategy and brand identity to website design and launch campaigns. We also manage ongoing communications across social media, digital platforms and outdoor advertising.


CTR – A good way to measure digital efficiency.

CTR (Click-Through Rate) is one common metric when evaluating ads on Facebook, Instagram or any other digital/social platform. Simply put, it describes the percentage of people who saw your ad and chose to click on it. If your goal is to get as large a percentage as possible to interact with your ad, you clearly want to exceed Facebook's average of 1%.
Our CTR levels for Biopasset have averaged several percent over time, with the peak so far being 8.2%.
If you want to learn more about how we continuously work to adapt and evaluate our efforts, please contact Magnus in our media department.

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