Bonusfamiljen Filmen


Long live the Bonus Family! How Felix Herngren's beloved "Bonus Family" made its way to the big screen…


SF Studios


Brand guideline, Brand visuals, artwork design, OOH/DOOH.




When SF Studios and FLX brought Felix Herngren's beloved "Bonus Family" from the TV couch all the way to the cinema, we at Frank Fam were tasked with creating the marketing materials. In close collaboration with the team and Sweden's funniest ensemble of actors, we produced everything from movie posters, outdoor and digital materials to opening and closing credits.

In this entertaining endeavor, unique motion digital content was also developed for the communication, featuring some of the actors acting in pairs, outside of the film script: Marianne Mörck/Christer Lindarw, Vera Vitali/Erik Johansson, Johan Ulveson/Martin Luuk, and Klara Hodell/Frederik Hallgren. Frank Fam would like to thank everyone for their great contributions that led to a fantastic final result!

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