Our aim was to find new ways for Bris to reach young individuals where they naturally exist, our approach resulted in the AR Campaign by Bris, enabled by Coop.




Concept, Technical setup, Landing page, AR-filter for Snapchat




"The key is to be present on platforms and in environments where children are.”

Binaji Marouf,
Communication and Advocacy Manager at Bris

This innovative campaign represents a powerful fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology, making a lasting impact on young minds and demonstrating the potential of AR in delivering meaningful messages.

Through this initiative, children get to know that they can reach out to Bris anytime, anonymously, and choose between chatting, emailing, or calling a Bris counselor. All hours of the day.

By integrating the milk package, table surface, and the entire room through AR, we establish a unique communication channel with each child—something close to home. For children facing insecurity at home, they can access this information discreetly.


"To maintain the full attention of the target audience for 41 seconds on a brand, which this activation facilitated, is something we consider unique in the industry today. It is particularly significant for the younger demographic, where attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter."

Antonia Kamryd, Snap Inc.

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