When Corely set out to develop an AI-supported contract management solution, we had the pleasure of helping them with naming, brand identity and product design to introduce the solution to the market.

What we did

Brand strategy, visual identity, UX research, product design, web design



Smart, modern, innovative and passionate

Through strategic analysis, we identified these key attributes that would define the product's brand identity.

We then embarked on a comprehensive naming process to capture the essence of the product's seamless integration into business operations. The name Corely signifies the product's core role in business operations and its ability to make work feel organic and effortless.

A visual brand to reflect a new era

Corely empowers businesses to streamline their legal workflows and confidently make decisions, signaling a new era of efficiency and innovation in contract management.

Inspired by Corely's functionality, we crafted a visual identity that reflects its core purpose. The design communicates the platform's commitment to decision-making with the highest level of security, elevating legal workflows to new heights.

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