We've been Renault Nordic's communication partner since 2009. Over the years, we have worked with their entire customer journey, spanning from test driving and car purchase to service and repairs.

What we did

Customer journey mapping, voice and tone, web content, seasonal campaigns, print, POS advertising and social media



All communication expertly managed

Over the years, we have spent a considerable amount of time visiting dealers, talking to Renault customers and participating in various market surveys to create an understanding of the environment in which the communication works. Because relationships are not like cars – if you take good care of them, they will last forever.

From interest to purchase

The initial steps of the customer journey involve communication activities associated with test-driving various car models and acquiring relevant information from the time of order to delivery. For this phase, we have implemented tailored messaging in both digital and printed formats.

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A CRM to enhance the entire customer journey

After the car delivery, communication efforts pivot towards providing valuable information to guide and assist car owners with everything from inspiration to service and repair.

Through a custom CRM framework, we've assisted Renault in building and maintaining strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

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