Eskilstuna-based Risfabriken has been catering to larger commercial kitchens for years. Seeking to pivot towards household consumers, we crafted a new brand identity, a fresh packaging concept, a launch campaign and a revamped online experience.

What we did

Rebranding, packaging design, marketing strategy, web design, web development and social media



Tradition with a modern touch

Building on key insights from exploration, we embraced functionality and inspiration as guiding lights for design and communication. Our aim? To capture the essence of Risfabriken's rich history while creating a modern vibe that speaks to Swedish households.

A new brand identity

The outcome was a vibrant and playful identity that pays homage to tradition. Hand-drawn illustrations were added to the packaging and the website to create a delightful contrast to the contemporary graphics.
 When crafting the tone and copy, we aimed to inspire and ignite curiosity. The communication strategy was carefully tailored to encourage engagement and evoke a sense of discovery.

The launch

The redesigned identity and packaging were complemented by a launch campaign introducing Risfabriken to Swedish households. The revamped website served as a platform to showcase the brand's evolution and invite consumers into a visually engaging narrative.

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