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On the historic entrepreneurial grounds of pharmaceutical giant Pharmacia in Uppsala, Corem Property Group (formerly known as Klövern) has developed a new area once again primed for companies aiming to conquer the world with grand ideas, services and products. This area is called Uppsala Business Park (UBP) and stands as a clear example of extensive and successful place marketing.


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Data-Driven Knowledge Building

The benefits of a strong digital presence are numerous. One of the most significant is the ability to measure audience responses, document traffic flows, and through analysis, identify needs and behaviors. This forms the basis for valuable insights that allow for the refinement of your communication and business concept to perfection. By customizing a dashboard, you gain a quick overview of the current situation with the traffic streams you've identified as particularly important. Once you've built this tool, you'll never want to be without it.

Of course, the numbers in the dashboard are fictional, as we wouldn't reveal our clients' confidential data here on our website.

One part of our assignment was creating a unified and engaging social media identity for Uppsala Business Park, focusing on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Our goal was to align the UBP's digital presence with its brand values, ensuring a close connection with its audience. By implementing strategic content development, maintaining visual consistency, and fostering active engagement, we aimed to boost brand recognition and encourage community interaction.

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