Urban Deli approached us with a need to update their website. They wanted to reflect their tone, inspire visitors, and create a seamless user journey for all aspects of the company's business areas. As an e-commerce platform, they also needed to enhance the site's accessibility. We took charge of the research, UX and UI design, as well as development.


Urbal Deli


Consumer insights, Strategy, Wireframes, Consumer testing, Graphic Design, Content production, Web development.




It’s all coming together

Previously, Urban Deli had their business areas scattered across different locations and websites. However, we worked towards creating a consolidated destination with clear navigation and flow. We developed a design that allows space for informational sections, where visitors can quickly see what's happening at Urban Deli, such as theme weeks, events, and DJs. Additionally, we made sure to implement a broad approach to accessibility-friendly design and code, ensuring the site's longevity and maintaining a high standard.


With Urban Deli's brand essence at it’s core

We aimed to enhance the characteristic expression synonymous with Urban Deli. Our goal was for visitors to experience the same humor and liveliness found in their physical restaurants and stores. To achieve this, we created a comprehensive set of guidelines for image usage, developed unique stickers, and introduced playful elements such as tilted buttons and images. This approach is designed to evoke the familiar aesthetics of physical posters, creating a connection for those who have visited an Urban Deli in real life.

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