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Our Studios is a creative collective built of writers, photographers and filmmakers – working at the intersection of advertising, storytelling, fashion and art.

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We are as technical as we are creative. Whether it’s social media content aiming on digital sales or a TV-commercial for pure brand building. With many years of experience we know our craft by heart.


Every productions benefits from still photography. Do you need BTS footage from your shoot, campaign material or corporate portraits? We know different genres and can make anyone smile to the camera flash!

Post production

After production the job is not done. Now it´s time for editing, sound-design, color grading, retouch, mixing and vfx/animation is just some of the crafts going on here.


Frank studio works within the ever-changing mash-ups of different media formats and outlet channels.

We are effecient in everything we do, and our artists deliver high quality production at a low cost. We team up with in-house experts in SoMe who possesses in-depth knowledge of how two work with content across the digital marketing landscape.

Do you need help reaching the full potential for you product or brand? Let’s talk!
Sune Chee
Film & Storytelling
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Our studio is located in Stockholm but our clients span across the globe. If you're interested in exploring a new project, just reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.

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