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From vision to reality: behind the scenes with our film studio LBF

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Welcome on a journey through the labyrinth of creativity! Join us at Frank fam's studio Let's Be Frank, LBF, as we share our latest project: the campaign for up-and-coming artist Killen's new songs.

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House artist Killen has collaborated with artists like David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia. With a massive underground following, he is on the verge of an international breakthrough. For Killen's new release, we at LBF created three music videos that form an epic short film, turning the music into a living, pulsating story.

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Love conquers eternity

Inspired by the quote "Love conquers eternity," a vision was born that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary. Our goal was to create something unique that would resonate with our audience, particularly Generation Z.

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With a strong narrative structure, dynamic visual elements and characters that speak to the viewers' hearts, the integration of music is seamless and the symbolism in each scene is carefully crafted to maximize emotional impact. We also incorporated unexpected twists to keep viewers engaged and challenge their expectations.

The films were shot over three action-packed days at around 20 different locations in the Stockholm area, featuring settings from clubs and stores to pools and mausoleums. During the collaboration, we worked with the British record label FunFair via Killen's Swedish agent The Very Good, who also works with artists like Winona Oak and Benjamin Ingrosso.

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Short films for social media

From the short film, we created several different cut-downs to share on the record label's channels. These were made in collaboration with the label and aligned with Killen's overall branding and social media strategies. By combining our creative visions with a drive to create something extraordinary, we have crafted a campaign that we're certain will leave a lasting impression!

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See part one: Die for you

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