Child sitting alone at a kitchen table holding and looking at a milk carton

How we help Bris reach out to young people

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According to Forbes, millennials have an attention span of 12 seconds. For Gen Z, this number is a mere 8 seconds. Brain expert and psychiatrist Anders Hansen agrees that attention spans are decreasing, with a clear pattern emerging – the younger the audience, the shorter the attention span.

Children's Rights in Society, or Bris, is an organization that supports children in need, offering anonymous support around the clock via chat, SMS, and phone. To reach the target audience and remind them of how to seek help, Bris needs to be present on platforms where young people naturally are engaged.

According to the Internet Foundation's report on Swedes and the internet, most children receive their first mobile phone before the age of ten, with 7 out of 10 primary school children owning their own device. For 2000s and 2010s-born individuals, Youtube, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Roblox are the most used channels, leading Bris to establish a presence there.

But how can we capture attention in just 8 seconds? One way is by using interactive elements. In Bris' case, we chose to work with Snapchat filters.

A milk carton and a glass of milk in a studio setting with colorful stickers floating around in the space around them.

The milk carton that opens up a secret AR world

Through a collaboration with Coop, Bris has been communicating on milk cartons since 2000. Communication was directed at parents until 2023, but then they started targeting young people.

"Pssst! Are you under 18? Want to see something cool?". That's the call to action, and by scanning a QR code on the milk carton, an AR world opens in the Snapchat app.

When creating the AR experience, we placed significant emphasis on finding the right tone and feeling. Bris is there to support in heavy moments, so we aimed to signal reassurance and friendliness without being frivolous.

Several mobile phones on a table with the same Snapchat filter of the milk cartoon and stickers floating in the room around the carton.

Maximizing impact through context and detail

By working with the milk carton, we know that many Snapchat filter users are likely sitting at their dining table. Therefore, they probably have an uninterrupted moment, and to capture their attention, we worked with plenty of details in the AR world.

When the QR code is scanned, a secret friend appears, conveying Bris' message. At the same time, a cat tiptoes across the dining table. By enhancing the physical environment, we have successfully captured the attention of Snapchat users for an average of 41 seconds – something that stands out in the industry.

"Maintaining the audience's full attention for 41 seconds on a brand, as this activation enabled, is something we consider unique within the industry today. It is particularly significant for the younger audience, where attention span is becoming increasingly shorter", says Antonia Kamryd, agency partnership at Snap Inc. Bris Case film Read more about how we work with communication.


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